Trevor Noah Imagines Trump's Impeachment And Deliriously Celebrates

"He's doing down!" the host cried after word that the Mueller report may indeed contain more damaging findings about the president.

Trevor Noah couldn’t hold back his joy at the renewed prospect of President Donald Trump’s possible impeachment.

Reports that investigators on Robert Mueller’s team found more troubling evidence on Trump than Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary indicated sent “The Daily Show” host into a reverie.

“Yes!” Noah exclaimed. “Trump is getting impeached! Impeached! He’s going down!”

The comedian calmed down enough to note that opponents of Trump have hoped for impeachment before and nothing happened. Democrats are demanding that the Mueller report be issued in full, with no redactions. Noah explained that redactions are “like the radio edits of a rap song.”

See what he means in the full segment above.