Trevor Noah Shows Why Donald Trump 'Might Be More Ignorant Than We Thought'

The "Daily Show" host zinged the president's lack of knowledge after details from John Bolton's book were released.

President Donald Trump “might be even more ignorant than we thought,” Trevor Noah proclaimed on “The Daily Show” Thursday.

In a segment on the new tell-all book by former national security adviser John Bolton, Noah focused on unpublished excerpts obtained by The New York Times and The Washington Post that highlighted the president’s lack of knowledge. Bolton wrote in “The Room Where It Happened” that Trump did not know Britain was a nuclear power and asked if Finland was a part of Russia.

“Sweet lord,” a flabbergasted Noah said. “How do you become the president of the United States without knowing if Finland is its own country? I don’t expect much from Trump, but if he doesn’t even know about the white countries, then what chance does Papua New Guinea have?”

The host reminded Bolton’s doubters that the man is no leftie looking to take down the opposition. He’s “as Republican as an assault rifle giving a lecture on trickle-down economics,” Noah joked.

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