Trevor Noah: If I Supported Donald Trump, This New Revelation Would Have Me Shook

"Because it turns out his entire origin story was fake."

Trevor Noah put himself into a Donald Trump supporter’s shoes on Monday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” then dissected a Washington Post report that showed how Trump lied in 1982 to get himself onto the Forbes 400 list.

That falsehood “cemented” Trump’s status as a mogul and ultimately enabled his successful bid to become president.

“This was a big thing for me, the bullshit foundation that he built his entire bullshit career on,” said Noah.

“If I was a Trump supporter, this new revelation would have me shook,” Noah added. “Because it turns out his entire origin story was fake. This would be like finding out that Batman’s parents were never killed. They just moved to Florida.”

Check out the full clip above.

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