Trevor Noah Shows Why Donald Trump's Heart Isn't In Police Reform

"The Daily Show" host cracked wise about the president's executive order to address police brutality.

President Donald Trump’s executive order Tuesday addressing police brutality didn’t impress Trevor Noah.

Not by a long shot. (See the video above.)

The order, dismissed by prominent critics as “woefully inadequate” and failing to acknowledge police racism, would create a database to track police misconduct among other “modest changes,” “The Daily Show” host pointed out.

What troubled Noah perhaps more was Trump’s attitude.

“It just felt like his heart wasn’t in it,” Noah said. The comedian made his point with a montage of Trump complimenting the police during his speech and emphasizing that Americans want law and order. At a time when many are protesting for reform in law enforcement after the police killing of George Floyd, the message didn’t fit the occasion, Noah noted.

Donald Trump is always constantly downplaying the number of bad cops,” Noah said. “But if bad cops was a minor problem, you wouldn’t have huge protests in every city. You’d just be able to point at the bad cop and be like ’Hey, Gary, cut that shit out.’”

Noah couldn’t help but be cynical.

“So Trump signs an executive order that’s supposed to cut down on police violence, but he spent the whole time praising the police,” Noah said. “The only paper Trump has signed with less enthusiasm were his first two marriage certificates.”

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