Trevor Noah Fawns Over 'Great Leader' Donald Trump In Brutal Takedown

"No, I haven't lost my mind. I've opened it."

Trevor Noah flipped the script and heaped praise on President Donald Trump on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

Well, in a way.

During the segment, Noah acknowledged that he’d “become a Trump hater” and been blinded by “how much good” the president was actually doing for the country. The comedian then noted how Trump had saved the farming industry, got trade relations with the European Union back on track and reunited the families of some migrant children who’d been separated at the U.S. border — all in the space of one week.

But then came the zinger:

“We could spend forever trying to figure out which 45th president hurt the farmers, antagonized Europe and kidnapped the children to begin with, but again that’s not the point,” said Noah. “The point is, my friends, that President Trump can fix any problem, just as a long as he created it.”

Check out the full segment above.