Trevor Noah: Trump Charging Secret Service For Rent Is 'A D**k Move'

"You’re going to charge rent to the people who are there to keep you alive?”

It is still unknown exactly how much money Donald Trump has, but it’s pretty obvious he plans to make more while in the White House.

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah pointed out how the president-elect seems to be more interested in making business deals rather than getting ready to be leader of the free world.

“Trump is like, ‘Now that I’m president, I can finally be a successful businessman!’” Noah said.

Trump could get richer while in office thanks to the Secret Service, which is considering spending $1.5 million of taxpayer money to rent an entire floor in Trump Tower that will be used as a command post to protect Trump and his family when in New York.

Charging the Secret Service rent is not unprecedented. Joe Biden reportedly charges the Service $2,200 a month to rent a cottage next to his home in Delaware, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Still, the idea leaves a bad taste in Noah’s mouth.

“That’s kind of a dick move. You’re going to charge rent to the people who are there to keep you alive?” Noah said. “You know if one [of the agents] takes a bullet for Trump, he’s probably going to charge them for his dry cleaning bill.”

UPDATE: This version of the story adds information that Biden also rents out his house to the Secret Service.

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