Trevor Noah Jokes What The 'J' In Donald J. Trump Really Stands For

"The Daily Show" host mocked a new twist in the Trump classified documents scandal.

Trevor Noah on Thursday poked fun at the news that former President Donald Trump allegedly ordered an employee to move boxes of classified documents he’d taken to his Mar-a-Lago estate after he received a subpoena demanding their return ― and that the worker was reportedly caught on surveillance camera doing so.

“Yo, I’m sorry. Trump is a legend, who else gets caught committing crimes with their own security cameras? Who are you? How are you real?” asked “The Daily Show” host.

The comedian then jumped into character as Trump.

“Hurry, move those classified documents so I can illegally hide them from the FBI. But first, but first, let’s all wave at that blinking red light and tell it our names, Donald J. Trump, the ‘J’ stands for genius.”

Watch Noah’s monologue here:

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