Trevor Noah Works Trump's 'Schlong' Into His Takedown On The Shutdown

The idea of the president delivering the State of the Union in writing terrifies "The Daily Show" host.

Trevor Noah shredded President Donald Trump and the prolonged government shutdown on “The Daily Show” Wednesday.

Playing off a warning from JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon that a continued shutdown could wipe out a quarter of economic growth, Noah said: “That’s a pretty dire warning coming from Wall Street. And you’d think Trump would pay attention to that because he loves Wall Street. He thinks that’s where you get the wall.”

The host moved on to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request that Trump delay his Jan. 29 State of the Union speech until the shutdown ends, or deliver it in writing.

“If Trump writes his speech down, he’s gonna end up declaring that the state of the union is ‘schlong.’” Noah quipped.

Besides, we’d miss out on all the president’s hand gestures.

Watch the fun above.