Trevor Noah: Donald Trump's Flipping Off The World With His 'Tiny Middle Finger'

"Other leaders offer condolences to London, Trump throws shade."

President Donald Trump has flipped off the world ― again ― with his “tiny middle finger,” Trevor Noah says.

On Monday’s “Daily Show,” Noah took Trump to task for posting a pair of ugly tweets criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan as Londoners were grappling with another terror assault. While most world leaders sent their condolences after attackers killed seven civilians at London Bridge and the nearby Borough Market, Trump “threw shade,” the “Daily Show” host said.

That was “dickish,” he added.

And Trump flipped off the whole world with his decision just days earlier to exit the Paris climate accord, Noah said.

But Noah was still optimistic because scores of cities, 10 states and several corporations are going their own way and following the pact, regardless of what Washington, D.C., does. They’re not hanging with Trump at this particular party, the comedian noted.

“Poor Trump. He’s like the guy at a party who says, ‘This is lame. Let’s go back to my dorm and listen to me play acoustic guitar,’” Noah said. “And these 10 states are like, ‘We gonna stay. [French President] Emmanuel Macron’s about to take his shirt off.’”

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