Trevor Noah Collects Donald Trump's Irrelevant Answers To Press Questions

Because being asked about a teacher's death from COVID-19 is not the time to brag about the stock market.

President Donald Trump has a way with words ― only the words often don’t match what he’s being asked.

The Daily Show” on Wednesday played a multiple choice game of moments when the president has given unrelated answers to reporters’ questions. Viewers must guess what the president was originally asked about.

Trump’s tendency to veer off-course during interviews has generated some insensitive replies, including one in which he was asked about an Arizona teacher’s death from COVID-19 and parents’ worries for their children. Trump responded that schools needed to open and bragged about how the NASDAQ was performing.

That one’s in the game. But there are plenty of other irrelevant or inappropriate answers for you to figure out.

Watch the clip above.

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