Trevor Noah: 'Everyone Seems To Have Blackmail Material On President Trump'

"Michael Cohen has tapes. 'Access Hollywood' has tapes. Howard Stern has tapes."

President Donald Trump had a rough weekend, Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” said Monday night.

“All of last week, Trump was like: ‘Russia never could have taped me without me knowing. I’m too smart.’ And now he’s like, ‘Whoops, my own lawyer taped me without me knowing,’” Noah said.

“Like, honestly, at this point it would be weirder if Russia didn’t have blackmail material on Trump,” Noah said. “Because everyone seems to have blackmail material on President Trump.

Michael Cohen has tapes. ‘Access Hollywood’ has tapes. Howard Stern has tapes. Even Eric has tapes. Yeah, it’s true. His most prized possession is a voicemail his dad left him during a butt dial.”  

Check out the video above to find out what Noah says was even worse news for Trump.