Trevor Noah Skewers Betsy DeVos With Fake For-Profit University Ad

“Are you looking to spend $100,000 you don’t have to get a degree that won’t help you find a job?”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos came under the scrutiny of “The Daily Show” on Wednesday night.

Host Trevor Noah shone a light on how fraudulent for-profit universities are “poised to make a comeback” after DeVos dismantled the Department of Education team dedicated to investigating fraud.

“So Betsy DeVos is stopping the people who are stopping the fraud,” said Noah. “She is like a reverse superhero. You know, flies into a bank robbery to help the robbers.”

He then recruited regular contributor Roy Wood Jr. to make a “more accurate” spoof ad promoting a fictional version of one of these “shady schools.”

Check out the full clip above.