Trevor Noah Torches Fox News With 'Reverse-Marie Kondo' Zinger

"The Daily Show" host explained why he feels "so bad" for people who take Fox News seriously.

Trevor Noah poked fun at the Fox News hosts who are freaking out about the so-called “scandals” engulfing the potential Democratic challengers to President Donald Trump in 2020.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah noted how hosts on the conservative network — including Sean Hannity ― were honing in on issues such as Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-N.J.) veganism.

“Oh man, I feel so bad for people who take Fox News seriously,” said Noah:

“It’s got to be so much work. Because they’re always telling you, like ‘The Democrats are coming for your shit! You’ve gotta stockpile a lifetime supply of meat! You’ve gotta stockpile guns! You’ve gotta keep your fossil fuels! Your bibles! American flags! Confederate statues!’ There must be one closet at your house that’s chaos. Complete chaos.”

“Fox News is like reverse-Marie Kondo,” Noah added. “Just put everything in your house as long as it sparks rage!”

Check out the clip here: