Trevor Noah Nails Strangest Part Of Sean Hannity's Plan To Stop Mass Shootings

"The Daily Show" host said Hannity's proposal "sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever."

Trevor Noah ridiculed Fox News host Sean Hannity over his idea to surround schools and shopping malls with a volunteer armed force in a bid to stop future mass shootings.

On Monday, Hannity suggested that armed guards should be placed in every school and in “every hall of every mall” to give “an instant response opportunity.”

“That sounds like the bleakest Dr. Seuss book ever,” Noah said on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

Noah then laid out what he described as “the strangest part of this argument.”

“Hannity and Fox News talk every day about protecting American freedoms,” he said. “But if everyone in America is forced live in a world of perimeter fences, metal detectors and armed guards in every hall, then it starts to feel like society is living in a prison and the only thing that’s free is the gun.”

Check out the clip here:

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