Trevor Noah Dings American Health Care After Emergency Surgery

"Sir, you can't faint here, sir."
Brad Barket via Getty Images

Trevor Noah, the South African-born "Daily Show" host, has learned a damning thing or two about America this week. He took Wednesday off to recover from an emergency appendectomy, and even though he's fine, his observations about his hospital stay are not.

During his return from the "world's shortest vacation" on Thursday's "Daily Show," Noah mocked the emergency-room entry process, saying nurses required him to fill out extensive paperwork before he could be admitted, despite feeling like he might faint. "I don't know if emergency room is the right term, because they make you wait," Noah said. "I feel like there should be two rooms: a room for emergencies and a room for people who can fill out forms." He was then ordered not to faint in the waiting room and probed about how he'd be paying for the operation. Who needs expediency in medical crises, anyway?

Watch Noah revisit the "crazy experience" in the clip below.

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