Trevor Noah Lambastes Hillary Clinton For Hiding Her Pneumonia

"Look at her! Handing out pneumonia like it's a free sample at Costco!"

Trevor Noah found something to deplore about Hillary Clinton this past weekend: the way she hid her pneumonia from the world.

The Democratic nominee for president was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, but it was only revealed eight hours after her fainting spell following a memorial in New York City for the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“The Daily Show” host was livid about the campaign’s obsession with keeping the illness a secret.

“Everyone, especially reporters, has a right to be angry ― especially everyone Hillary kissed and touched this weekend,” Noah said on Monday’s episode. “Look at her! Handing out pneumonia like it’s a free sample at Costco!”

Noah said the sickness secrecy highlighted the biggest problem he has with the Clintons.

“It’s not the things they do that get them, it’s the way they try to cover them up,” he said.



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