Trevor Noah Compares iPhone 7 Outrage To Anti-Trans Outrage

"It's not natural!" he said both opponents like to yell.

Apple’s announcement that the iPhone 7 will ditch the headphone jack has a lot of people losing their minds, according to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

“People are getting angry,” he said Wednesday night. “[They’re saying], ‘Oh Apple, what am I supposed to do without a headphone jack? This is a bastardization of what a headphone jack should be.’”

The headphone jack elimination is new, but “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah says he’s heard the same complaints before.

“This is literally the same way people react to the transgender conversation, the same argument,” he said. “‘It’s not natural. It used to have a thing and now it doesn’t have a thing? ... What are my kids supposed to think?’”

Noah answered that rhetorical question: “Your kids will think it’s normal.”

The complete segment is above, and includes a presentation from Hasan Minhaj as a member of Apple’s “Woke Division.”

He explained why the new iPhone comes in both black and jet black. “We realized there are two very different types of black, sort of like Lil Wayne and Wayne Brady,” he said. 



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