Trevor Noah Nails The Bleak Reason Donald Trump Has 'Huge Advantage' In 2020

“The Daily Show” host also imagined a Trump attack ad on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trevor Noah thinks President Donald Trump has “a huge advantage over every other candidate” in the 2020 election.

Why? Well, on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah claimed it was all to do with Trump’s ability to “create a new reality” and plow “right through” after making a mistake.

To explain, Noah referred to former Vice President Joe Biden’s verbal stumbles during a campaign rally in Pittsburgh the previous day.

He noted how the mispronunciations sapped some of the energy from Biden’s speech. That’s unlike Trump, who would just riff on the blunders to make a bonkers point to his cheering base, Noah argued.

The comedian also imagined the kind of attack ad that Trump may unleash Biden, who he has nicknamed “Sleepy Joe.”

And it’s a bit of a nightmare ...

Check out the clip here: