Trevor Noah Rips Trump's New 'War-Horny' National Security Adviser John Bolton

He "may look like a harmless model train enthusiast..."

Trevor Noah has issued a stark warning about President Donald Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” the comedian urged people not to be fooled by the notoriously hawkish former U.N. ambassador’s “Geppetto cosplayer” demeanor.

“While Bolton may look like a harmless model train enthusiast, he’s developed a notorious rep as a guy who really wants to bomb everyone,” said Noah.

Noah noted how the “war-horny” Bolton was still defending the Iraq War, which is “the one war that everyone agrees was a terrible idea.”

“I mean it destroyed the Middle East and brought us ISIS, but other than that, nailed it. Am I right?” quipped Noah. 

Check out the full segment above.