Trevor Noah: Comey's Testimony Like 'A Clean Version Of A Hip-Hop Song'

"Explicit parts" were saved for the closed session, the "Daily Show" host complains.

No doubt about it, fired FBI Director James Comey’s experiences with President Donald Trump were “batshit crazy,” in the words of “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. 

But even though “the stage was set for possibly one of the most serious hours in recent American history,” Comey’s testimony Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee could have been juicier, Noah complained.

Most of Comey’s allegations weren’t a surprise, and the best of the rest was saved for the closed session, the host said.

Noah played a clip of Comey calling the Trump administration’s characterization of the FBI as an agency in disarray “lies, plain and simple.” Noah interjected: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, James Comey, calling the president a liar? How dare you tell us things we already know! We didn’t daydrink for this s**t. We want new information.”

Democrats wanted Comey to “knock Trump out of the presidency. And he did not give them that,” Noah said. “We wanted madness, fireworks! At least, that’s what the Democrats wanted.”

The best stuff from Comey, Noah suspected, was what he later revealed privately to senators.

“I mean, today’s hearing was cool and everything, but basically it was like listening to a clean version of a hip-hop song. It felt like we missed all the explicit parts,” Noah grumbled, before offering an example. 

Watch what else he had to say (and check out his hip-hop performance) in the video above.