Trevor Noah Highlights An Awful Consequence Of Kanye West's Slavery Comments

"Normally, I wouldn't really care what Kanye West said about slavery or black history."

Trevor Noah noted one possible consequence of rapper Kanye West’s claim that “slavery for 400 years” sounded “like a choice.”

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah said he normally “wouldn’t really care” about what West had to say “about slavery or black history.” But what sucked about West’s latest comments was how “every member of the Tiki Torch Club out there is going to use Kanye’s words to justify their hate,” Noah explained.

“Basically, the way Kanye samples old-school soul music is how racists are gonna sample him now,” Noah added.

He then reimagined the trailer for the Academy Award-winning movie “12 Years A Slave” ― according to West’s philosophy.

Check out the clip above.

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