Trevor Noah Reveals What Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Can Teach Us About GOP Win

"The Daily Show" host used the rumored celebrity romance to make a point about Republican Glenn Youngkin's surprising victory in the Virginia election.

Trevor Noah put Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial victory in Virginia into perspective on Wednesday ― at least if you’re into possible celebrity romances. (Watch the video below.)

During a look at GOP gains in this week’s elections on “The Daily Show,” Noah focused on Youngkin’s surprising win over Democrat Terry McAuliffe. The GOP victory was “especially shocking” because President Joe Biden won the state “by 10 points just a year ago” in the presidential election, Noah pointed out.

“That is a huge swing, people,” the host said. “That’s like a Kim Kardashian going from Kanye to Pete Davidson-level swing.”

For those out of the gossip loop, Kardashian and the “Saturday Night Live” comedian have tongues wagging because they were spotted out together Tuesday and Wednesday in New York City after visiting an amusement park in Southern California. “Smells like a couple,” TMZ speculated.

Kardashian, who guest-hosted “SNL” last month, has split from Kanye West. Davidson has dated several high-profile celebs, including Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale.

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