Trevor Noah Sheds Light On Why A Popular 'House Of The Dragon' Complaint Is So Valid

The latest episode of the “Game of Thrones” prequel received a whole lot of backlash for a problem it shares with other recent series.
Trevor Noah pinpoints a major problem with “House of the Dragon.”
Trevor Noah pinpoints a major problem with “House of the Dragon.”
Screenshot “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”/YouTube

Trevor Noah is officially a member of “Team Make TV People Can Actually Watch.”

On “The Daily Show” Wednesday, the host pinpointed how bad of an excuse HBO gave for a completely valid accessibility issue in this week’s episode of “House of the Dragon.”

The “Game of Thrones” prequel’s seventh episode, which aired Sunday, received a huge amount of backlash over complaints that many scenes were too dark to actually see.

In response to the complaints, one of HBO’s social media accounts publicly defended the extremely low-lit episode by calling it “an intentional creative decision.”

The response was aimed at one specific Twitter user who demanded the streamer “issue a written apology for literally a whole episode of black screen.”

But Noah wasn’t having it.

“I’m not Steven Spielberg or Barry Jenkins. I haven’t directed anything,” he said, citing two popular directors. “But in my opinion, if your intentional creative decision is that people can’t see the TV show that you’re making, then you’re making a podcast, all right?”

The comedian then noted that making shows too visually dark for viewers to see seems like somewhat of a trend in TV as of late, and attempted to understand why the people making these series have landed on this “intentional creative decision.” Noah wondered aloud if the idea was to give a show a “grittier” vibe or make it “feel like a movie.”

“Or maybe they figure if they make it dark enough then we can’t complain about the cast not being diverse,” he said, presumably in reference to “Game of Thrones’” almost entirely white cast.

“You’re like, ‘I think that’s another white person?’” Noah said, squinting his eyes. “‘I guess I’m going to let it slide.’”

To see Noah’s suggestion on how HBO can turn this gaffe into gold, check out the video above.

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