Trevor Noah Jokes That He Wanted To Punch The MAGA-Hat Kid, Too

“Trump or not, he just looks like an asshole. That’s how you look when you’re a teenager at that age,” 'The Daily Show" host joked.

The videos of a confrontation between a teenager wearing a Make American Great Again hat and a Native American veteran on the National Mall provoked a strong reaction in “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

He said that the teenager in the video had a “smug look on his face” and that “everyone that sees that smug look wants to punch that kid.”

“Trump or not, he just looks like an asshole,” Noah joked. “That’s how you look when you’re a teenager at that age.”

He also acknowledged that the various videos of the encounter left different impressions.

“I feel like depending on who is holding the camera, their story made them look like the victim,” Noah said.

But he didn’t buy the argument that the teens felt fearful in the situation.

“The kids came out and they were like, ‘We were afraid,’” Noah said. “I’m like, ‘Get the fuck out of here, man.’ I’m watching... the big guy’s dancing... your shirt. I’m never taking my shirt off when I’m afraid. You don’t have to lie.”

Check out the video above to see why Noah thinks the confrontation “is what the National Mall is supposed to be about.”

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