Trevor Noah Shows How Mail-In Voting Will Turn Donald Trump Into A Second-Grader

"The Daily Show" host nailed the president for "looking for an excuse to avoid losing."

Trevor Noah on Wednesday predicted how much crazier President Donald Trump will get as the election nears.

“The Daily Show” host, pointing to Trump’s threats against Michigan and Nevada to scrap mail-in voting, quipped: “I guess in Trump’s mind, voting should be like your wife smiling at you: once a year, in public, and never at home.”

The president has amplified Republican conspiracy theories that mail-in voting encourages fraud ― even though he voted by mail in March and there’s no evidence for the claim. He has egged on the GOP to oppose mail balloting during the coronavirus crisis because it would favor Democrats ― another dubious assertion.

And it’s only going to get worse, the comedian predicted. Like elementary school-playground worse.

“Clearly Trump is looking for an excuse to avoid losing,” Noah said. “As the election gets closer, Trump is gonna get crazier. He’s gonna start sounding like one of those second-graders playing sports.”

See what Noah means starting at the 1:20 mark above.