Trevor Noah Mocks Maria Bartiromo's Shadow Ban Claim With Cheeky Retweet Request

"The Daily Show" host is giving the Fox Business anchor a helping hand on Twitter. Sort of.

Trevor Noah mockingly gave Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo a helping hand with her Twitter game on Thursday.

“The Daily Show” host played footage of Bartiromo speculating if her tweet about former President Barack Obama did not go viral because she was being “shadow banned” by the social media platform because she’s a conservative.

“No, Maria Bartiromo. Your post was just boring,” said Noah. “And I’m not even saying that just to be mean. We’ve all been there. Every one of us has posted something online that we were sure was going to break the internet.”

Noah encouraged his viewers to give life to a Bartiromo post from 2016, but it’s likely not one she’d enjoy seeing mass-retweeted.

Check out the clip above.