Trevor Noah Gives Michael Cohen A Biting New 'Breaking Bad'-Themed Nickname

He also likened Trump's personal attorney to a Nigerian Prince scam artist.

Trevor Noah took inspiration from hit TV show “Breaking Bad” to come up with a new nickname for President Donald Trump’s embattled personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

The comedian mockingly dubbed Cohen “Never Call Saul” as he examined reports that corporations like Novartis and AT&T paid money into his shell company after he promised access to Trump.

“This guy’s not just a swamp creature, he’s literally selling swamp tours,” Noah said on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”

Noah also claimed that the corporations were being “conned.”

“I’m actually shocked that these major corporations got tricked by the classic ‘Nigerian Prince’ scam,” said Noah. “Because if Michael Cohen had pitched in an African accent, they would have seen this a mile away.”

Check out the clip above.

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