Trevor Noah Declares The Real Election Winner: 'Karma'

"Incumbents were defeated by the very things they were being dicks about."

Ralph Northam’s victory over Ed Gillespie for governor in Virginia headlined a triumphant election night for many Democrats. But Trevor Noah saw beyond the voting results.

“You know who really won big in last night’s elections? Karma,” the host said on “The Daily Show.”

Noah proceeded to highlight races in which “incumbents were defeated by the very things they were being dicks about.”

They included Republican John Carman, who lost his freeholder’s seat to Democrat Ashley Bennett in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Carman had posted a meme to Facebook during January’s Women’s March asking, “Will the Women’s March protest be over in time for them to cook dinner?” Angered by the move and Carman’s refusal to apologize at a meeting, Bennett decided to run ― and won.

“He was worried about women having time to make dinner,” Noah said. “Now karma has given him all the time he needs to make his own dinner. Enjoy your Hot Pockets, byotch!”

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