Trevor Noah Offers Wacky Solution For NCAA Tournament Sexism

The Daily Show host riffed on a rule hurting female coaches during March Madness.

Trevor Noah on Monday took the NCAA to task for its gender bias during March Madness. (Watch the clip below.)

After addressing the men’s basketball tournament’s far more elaborate weight room and other disparities, the “Daily Show” host cracked wise on another issue that really got to him: NCAA Tournament restrictions basically penalize coaches who are mothers because babies (all children really) are counted in the official tally of a school’s allotted entourage, The Athletic reported.

“So that coach’s team, if they want to feed their child, has to have one less athletic trainer, one less other coach, one less person in the traveling party,” ESPN’s Rachel Nichols noted.

“There’s an obvious solution,” Noah said. “All you should do is have the baby be the assistant coach. After all, a crying baby can be very motivational.”

The host then played a panicking parent whose child is bawling: “What, do you want a blanket, a bottle? You want me to win the tournament? Is that it? OK, I’ll win the tournament. Just please take a nap, take a nap!”

Watch the whole segment below or fast-forward to 3:55 for the childcare bit.

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