Trevor Noah Is Confused By The Many Flavors Of Caucasian

"I'm picking up notes of Episcopalian with just a hint of Colorado."

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch may look like “just another white dude to Harvard,” but in some circles, he qualifies as a diversity pick, Trevor Noah said on “The Daily Show” Wednesday.

Noah pointed out that Gorsuch could be the sole Protestant on the court since all of the other members were either Catholic or Jewish.

The South African-born biracial comedian then admitted that this was one of the things about America that still confused him.

“Can we get real for a second? America has so many flavors of Caucasian, it’s insane,” he said. “Sometimes, it feels like I need a white person sommelier to pick up the subtle differences.”

Noah demonstrated what he meant by saying in a hoity-toity voice, “I’m picking up notes of Episcopalian with just a hint of Colorado,” before exclaiming, “I’m just smelling white guy!” 



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