Trevor Noah: Bombing Proves New Yorkers Are Truly 'Badass'

New Yorkers "were genuinely annoyed by having to deal with the bombing." @dmoyeweirdnews

Saturday night’s bombing in Manhattan was a shock to many, including “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

But the “badass” way New New Yorkers reacted was even more surprising, he said.

“Not only were New Yorkers not affected by the bomb, they were genuinely annoyed by having to deal with the bombing,” Noah said.

As proof, Noah cited the terror alert sent by the city of New York early Monday looking for the suspect. It inspired many angry tweets from people woken up by emergency tones on their phones.

“I love the idea that people were most pissed off by this than the actual act of terrorism,” Noah said. “I wonder if terrorists are looking at these tweets and saying, ‘Do you know how hard it is to make bombs?’ I could just sent people messages in the morning. ... Forget the C-4, we just need unlimited texting plans.’”



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