Trevor Noah Nails Most Terrifying Thing About New York Times' Anti-Trump Op-Ed

"The Daily Show" host is seriously spooked by the claims in the anonymously penned piece.

The New York Times’ anti-Donald Trump op-ed purportedly penned by a senior White House official has Trevor Noah spooked.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah said the piece’s anonymous writer’s claim that he and others were keeping Trump’s wilder impulses in check had led him to draw a scary conclusion.

“There’s a secret group of people within the White House actively working to curb President Trump, which is wild, because this means this whole time we’ve been dealing with the watered-down version of Trump,” Noah quipped.

“You’re telling me that this is the better version?” he added. “Like I thought this was the peak of crazy, this is Diet Trump? This is what you’re saying?”

Check out the clip above.

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