Trevor Noah: It's Our Fault Donald Trump Is Running To 'Bad Boy Putin'

POTUS is America's rebellious teenager, the "Daily Show" host believes.

Considering all the controversy surrounding Russia’s alleged involvement with the 2016 presidential election, one would think that President Donald Trump would lay low with his Russian relations.

But the president is doing the exact opposite and it’s all America’s fault, according to Trevor Noah.

The “Daily Show” host opened Wednesday’s episode with news of Trump’s previously undisclosed second meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Germany, which Noah had difficulty understanding.

The comedian offered obvious advice to the president. “If the perception of you is that you’re colluding with Russia, just don’t have a private conversation with the President of Russia,” Noah said.

And, just in case Trump couldn’t understand that logic, Noah explained it in a more graphic way. “It’s like, if there are rumors that you have sex with sheep, even if they are false ... just stay away from sheep for a while,” he said.

Noah thinks we’re the ones who are pushing Trump toward Putin like he was a rebellious teenager.

“Maybe we’ve been parenting Trump the wrong way,” he said. “Clearly, if we tell him to stay away from that bad boy Vlad, we’re going to push him right into his arms.”

Noah then appealed to Trump as an understanding, cool parent.

“Donald,” the host said in a softer tone. “We know we can’t stop you from seeing Vlad, but if you are going to see him at least do it at home or bring another American with you, just so we know you are safe.”

Watch the full segment above.



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