Kayleigh McEnany Lands Trevor Noah's 'Best Bulls**t' Pandemmy Award

"The Daily Show" awarded a Pandemmy to Trump's press secretary for her famous first-day claim.

The Daily Show” has announced the winners of its inaugural (and hopefully final) Pandemmy awards, billed as honoring “the most breathtaking achievements of this pandemic season.”

The made-up awards program announced by “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah gave viewers an opportunity to vote on the big moments, comments and clips that have circulated this year.

Categories included: Best Cure, Best Bullshit, Best Costume Design, Best Karen, Best Kevin, Outstanding Achievement in Wishful Thinking and Best Supporting Disaster in a Pandemic.

President Donald Trump’s White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took home Best Bullshit for her “I will never lie to you, you have my word on that” pledge to reporters at her first briefing in May.

Disinfectant beat out the Flu Vaccine, Not Testing, Hydroxychloroquine and April nominees for Best Cure. (Those are all things Trump has actually suggested as solutions to coronavirus.)

And for Best Supporting Disaster in a Pandemic, Gender Reveal Wildfire ― the California blaze started by a gender-reveal party this month ― claimed a win over Murder Hornets, Locust Swarm and Election Day Asteroid.

Watch the winners reel below.