'We All Lose' At Trevor Noah's Second Coronavirus-Themed Pandemmy Awards

The unexpected second installment of the spoof awards ceremony was perhaps even grimmer than the first.

Nobody was expecting there to be another Pandemmys, yet here we are.

Trevor Noah shared the nominees for the second installment of the pandemic-themed awards ceremony Monday. Last year’s ceremony inspired categories like “Best Bullshit,” “Best Costume Design,” “Best Karen” and “Best Cure.”

As the ongoing pandemic evolved, so did the categories. This year’s competition includes: “Best Mile High Meltdown,” “Outstanding Dramatic Performance By A Concerned Citizen,” “Outstanding Achievement In Scapegoating,” “Best Vaccine Incentive That’s Not ‘It Saves Your Life’” and a special honorary category for a former president: “The Donald J. Trump ‘It’s Like The Flu’ Award For Worst COVID Prediction.”

“You see last year at this time, we thought it would be fun to honor some of the most outstanding performances of the coronavirus pandemic,” Noah said. ”And we really blew it out because we were all like, well, we definitely won’t be doing this more than once. I mean, it’s not like COVID will still be a thing in September 2021.”

Noah advised viewers to vote for their favorites at https://www.pandemmyawards.com and then “follow us online to find out who wins.”

He added a disclaimer: “I’m just kidding, we all lose.”

Watch the nominees below: