Trevor Noah Points Out The Problem With Newt Gingrich’s Megyn Kelly Outburst

Nailed it.

On Tuesday night, Trump advisor Newt Gingrich accused Megyn Kelly of being “fascinated by sex,” in a Fox News segment simply because she brought up Trump’s many sexual assault allegations. 

But “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had no time for Gingrich’s sexist ― and frankly hypocritical ― temper tantrum, especially considering the former Speaker’s horrible track record with women. 

(Skip to the 3:20 minute-mark of the below segment to hear Noah’s commentary on Gingrich.) 

“Newt Gingrich shouldn’t be complaining that anyone is fascinated with sex ― this is the dude who cheated on two different wives,” Noah said. He also took Gingrich to task for more or less using “patriotism” as his excuse for cheating.

Noah brought up Gingrich’s comments in the middle of a segment about the polarization of news consumption. He discussed the “downsides” of consuming news in preferred “bubbles”: “You get your news, not the news,” Noah said.  

On Wednesday, Gingrich defended his inflammatory comments toward Kelly on MSNBC.

“I’ve had a lot of Republican women write me and thank me for standing up to the baloney that is thrown at us by people who excuse Bill Clinton, ignore Bill Clinton, and then explain to us how shocked they are by Donald Trump,” he said.

OK, Newt.  

Watch the video above for the whole segment



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