Trevor Noah: RNC Is 'Acting Like America Is Westeros And Winter Is Coming'

All the speakers seem to be focusing on one theme: “Make America Fear Again.”

South African-born Trevor Noah has compared Donald Trump to the African dictators he’s grown up with, but admitted he was not prepared for the insanity that the reality TV star brought to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

“I’m still wrapping my head around the spectacle,” Noah said on Tuesday night’s broadcast of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah.” “They had all the biggest stars you could think of ... who would agree to come to this event.

“There were actors you forgot about, models you sort of remember, people who call ducks for a living.”

Noah pointed out “reality stars you don’t remember married to congressmen you’ve never heard of” before exclaiming, “I loved it!” That’s because he felt the choice of Z-level speakers fit Trump’s style.

“He always makes sure to bring us so much fun crazy to talk about that we miss the dangerous crazy,” Noah said.

All the speakers at the RNC seemed to be focusing on one theme: “Make America Fear Again.”

“You guys are acting like America is Westeros and winter is coming,” Noah told the GOP. “Forget ‘Make America Safe Again.’ After that, I just wanted to make my underpants dry again.”  



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