Trevor Noah: Why Would Women Want To Talk About The Cheese Doodle?

Maybe they should have paid hush money to Trump, Noah said.

When Donald Trump declared himself the “law-and-order” candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign, what voters didn’t realize was that he planned to “break the law in order to be elected,” Trevor Noah said on “The Daily Show” Friday.

Noah was referring to recent revelations that Trump arranged to pay off women so that voters wouldn’t learn about his alleged affairs. But the whole dustup over the payoffs confused Noah.

“I don’t get why Trump and his people paid women to keep quiet about his affairs,” Noah said. ”It’s a waste of money. We all know the guy has affairs. If anything, the women should be paying Trump hush money. They should be like, ‘Hey Donald, let’s keep this between us and the cheese doodle.’”

Check out the rest of the video above to hear Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) explain how enforcing campaign finance laws will turn America into a banana republic.



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