Trevor Noah Mercilessly Mocks 'Shady' Sean Hannity Over Lawyer Bombshell

"Just think about how unethical this is for a moment."

Trevor Noah says the revelation that Sean Hannity was the third “mystery” client of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is not “a good look” for the Fox News host.

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show,” Noah asked his audience to “think about how unethical this is for a moment,” given how Cohen is currently at the center of a federal investigation.

“Hannity has been reporting on this Michael Cohen story from the beginning, from the beginning, but he conveniently never mentioned that Cohen was his guy, which even for Sean Hannity is pretty shady,” said Noah. “I mean, even Instagram models will have higher standards.”

Noah then aired clips from recent appearances in which Hannity railed against the FBI’s raid of Cohen’s home and offices.

“Now that we know he was working with Cohen, that looks less like a news show and more like a guy, really stressed, giving himself a pep talk,” Noah quipped.

Check it out above.

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