Trevor Noah Suggests Why Stacey Dash Is Really Running For Congress

“We’d better pray that Vladimir Putin isn’t a big fan of ‘Clueless.'"

Trevor Noah thinks actress Stacey Dash’s potential run for Congress is really “just for the fame.”

The “Clueless” star turned conservative commentator has filed to run as a Republican in California’s 44th Congressional District — where voters overwhelmingly favored Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“She’s running as a Republican in Compton and Watts?” Noah asked on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.” “They’re neighborhoods so black, they make Wakanda look like a Panera.”

Dash’s commentary from her time on Fox News wouldn’t help her case, Noah added, as he aired clips in which Dash decried needing events such as the BET Awards or Black History Month.

Per Noah, Dash’s political run is simply a “publicity stunt” to boost her profile.

“The point is, we’d better pray that Vladimir Putin isn’t a big fan of ‘Clueless,’” he concluded.

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