Trevor Noah Zings That Anti-Mask Thong Guy Who Compares Himself To Rosa Parks

"The Daily Show" host had a lot to say about Adam Jenne wearing panties for his face covering on a flight.

Trevor Noah on Thursday couldn’t mask his contempt for that guy who wore a red thong as a face covering on a recent flight. (Watch the video below.)

Citing Adam Jenne as an anti-mask protester who’s taking the resurgent pandemic just a “little more lightly,” Noah blasted the Florida man (who was kicked off the flight) for actually comparing himself to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

“Rosa Parks? My man, don’t be so modest!” Noah began. “You’re more than Rosa Parks! If anything, you’re the Martin Luther King of white dudes comparing themselves to Black heroes for no reason.”

“You know, for real, sometimes I think conservatives are right: America shouldn’t be teaching the history of racism in schools, because then at least white people wouldn’t know who to compare themselves to when they get kicked off of airplanes for doing dumb shit,” he continued.

But Noah wasn’t done. Watch the rest of the takedown:

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