Trevor Noah To Media: Trump Will Answer If You Speak With Russian Accent

That way, the president will like you, quipped "The Daily Show" star.

Trevor Noah has a suggestion for American reporters demoralized when the president ignores them. “Start speaking in Russian accents,” he quipped on Thursday’s “The Daily Show.”

He got the idea from Maria Butina, 29, the Russian national charged this week with conspiring to influence American politics while secretly working for the Kremlin.

“What surprises me is how close she got to Republican power,” Noah notes. She managed to meet Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, then-Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump Jr. at National Rifle Association events.

But the big coup? She got Donald Trump to answer a question at a libertarian FreedomFest event in Las Vegas during his campaign. 

“That’s powerful,” Noah said. “That’s all the American press should do: They should just start speaking in Russian accents.”

Check out the video clip above to hear Noah’s imitation of CNN’s Jim Acosta with an accent.