Trevor Noah Whacks Trump On His Reaction To Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test

"Who cares?" Noah says of the president. "You care! This is the thing you've been obsessed about for years."

When President Donald Trump was asked Monday about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s release of her DNA test, indicating that she did have some Native American ancestry, he said, “Who cares?” And that did not sit well with Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show.”

“Who cares?” Noah said. “You care! This is the thing you’ve been obsessed about for years.”

Noah said it was as if the Kool-Aid Man suddenly said he wasn’t that interested in Kool-Aid.

“No, no, no, no, no!” he said. “You jumped through my fucking wall because you were that excited that I was maybe going to drink Kool-Aid. Now I have to call a contractor to fix this shit. Oh, we’re drinking Kool-Aid, my friend! We are drinking Kool-Aid!”

Check out the video above.