Trevor Noah Hints That Trump May Have A Problem With George Washington

Trump "has this insane and innate talent for destroying people's lives when he vouches for them."

Trevor Noah couldn’t watch all of President Donald Trump’s news conference on Wednesday because he had to tape “The Daily Show.” But he did listen to Trump long enough to conclude, “He’s slamming everything and everyone.”

Trump said in his news conference that even if he nominated George Washington for the U.S. Supreme Court, Democrats would vote against him. “And he may have had a bad past,” Trump said of Washington. ”Who knows? You know? He may have had some ― I’d think ― accusations made. Didn’t he have a couple of things in his past?”

Noah acknowledged that Washington had some aspects of his life ― like being a slave owner ― that would not be acceptable today. But Trump’s insinuations were inappropriate.

Trump “has this insane and innate talent for destroying people’s lives when he vouches for them,” Noah said. “If Donald Trump ever says anything nice about you, it is over for you. Like, remember when he said the doctor in the White House was the best doctor ever? And then all of his records came out.”

By that standard, Noah thinks Washington has something to worry about.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if George Washington gets removed from Mount Rushmore because of Trump,” Noah said.

“Now everyone hates George Washington. Now he’s off the dollar bill. Like, strippers are like: ‘Take that back, take that back. No, I don’t want it.’”

Check out the video above.