Trevor Noah: 'The Whole Idea Of Trump Is A Lie'

"The Daily Show” host says if the president did spill secrets to a Russian official, he broke a vow he made on the campaign trial.

The latest alleged scandal surrounding the U.S. president and Russia has Trevor Noah wondering, yet again: Is Donald Trump being sneaky or is he just plain incompetent?

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Noah tried to make sense of the report The Washington Post published this week that alleged Trump disclosed highly classified information to a Russian official.

“How are we not getting this? How are we still confused by this?” Noah said. “No one wants Russians getting information! It doesn’t matter what the information is! ... If you tell the Russians, it’s not going to end well.”

The comedian’s humor was replaced with frustration halfway through the segment when he discussed how Trump having loose lips could compromise America’s own safety.

If the United States’ allies can’t trust the president to keep secrets, Noah said, then countries might not share valuable intel with the government at all ― potentially shutting America out completely from global security talks.

“The whole idea of Trump is a lie, even by his own standards,” Noah stated “He’s complete bullshit.”

If Trump spilled confidential information to Russian officials, he essentially broke his promise to protect the country at all costs ― which he touted throughout his campaign ― the host added.

“So, here we are once again people. The eternal question: Is Trump incompetent or did he purposefully collude with the Russians to give them information?” Noah said. “Nobody knows.”

“The Daily Show” host does have a theory, though.

Watch the clip to find out what it is.



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