Trevor Noah Nails Why Trump Is Exactly Like ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic

The similarities between the president and the Tiger King are purrfect.

Trevor Noah has found a couple of copy cats.

On his latest episode of “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” Noah meticulously laid out the case for why President Donald Trump is exactly like imprisoned former zoo owner Joe Exotic from Netflix’s “Tiger King,” and it just makes sense.

“Joe Exotic is not only one of the weirdest people you will ever meet in your life, he could also be president of the United States,” explained Noah.

The “Daily Show” host pointed out a number of similarities between Trump and Exotic, including the fact that both make everything about themselves, they are massively disorganized and they see conspiracy theories everywhere.

Talking about why Exotic has all the presidential qualities, Noah said, “He’s self-absorbed. He’s disorganized. He’s obsessed with conspiracies. But maybe the most presidential thing about Joe Exotic is that he loves portraying himself as an expert in his field. When the truth is, he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s just winging it. Which, uh, again, should feel very familiar.”

Noah concluded that Exotic might be as “crazy” as Trump, but if he was president, at least there’d be tigers at the White House.

Back in 2016, when Exotic was actually running for president, John Oliver also said he might be the “perfect candidate.” This week, Oliver’s HBO show “Last Week Tonight” issued a correction.

If Trump starts blaming Tiger King nemesis Carole Baskin for all of America’s problems, watch out.