Trevor Noah Nails Why Donald Trump Should Fear Jeff Sessions

The president was warned.

Trevor Noah served the president a stern warning Thursday: Back down from his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions ― or else.

The host of “The Daily Show” made a case for Donald Trump to keep Sessions in his administration, despite the president’s public humiliation of the attorney general, in which he suggested he would’ve never hired Sessions had he known he was going to recuse himself from the investigations into Russia’s interference in the Trump campaign. 

So, what about Sessions should Trump be worried about?

“The tiny man has big friends,” the late show host said, before playing clips of several high-profile GOP congressmen, including Sens. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), vouching for Sessions amid Trump’s smear campaign.

Those Republicans, Noah said, are “explaining what Donald Trump has forgotten: On a pure political level, Sessions is exactly the wrong person for Trump to mess with.” 

Trump was considered a joke in Washington until Sessions backed his presidential campaign and convinced the “GOP establishment” that Trump could “execute their agenda.”

“In other words, Jeff Sessions did for Donald Trump what Dr. Dre did for Eminem,” the host joked.

And Sessions has been delivering on his end of the bargain by cracking down on sanctuary cities, legal marijuana and LGBTQ communities.

Noah warned Trump: “As one of the most impeachable presidents of all time, if he gets rid of Sessions, there’s a very real chance that the Republicans will get rid of him.” 

Watch “The Daily Show” take on the Trump and Sessions drama in the full segment above.



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