Trevor Noah: 'Trump Lies So Hard It Gives My Brain Whiplash'

The host of "The Daily Show" says the president changes direction as quickly as the drivers in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had a lot on his mind Monday night, including President Donald Trump’s propensity for lying. 

“You know, sometimes Trump lies so hard it gives my brain whiplash,” Noah said.

“Most people lie in a gradual curve – ‘I know him, well actually I know him through a friend. Well, I don’t know ... ’” Noah said.

But the president isn’t like that.

“Trump is like the ‘Tokyo Drift’ of lying,” Noah said. “One day he’s like, ‘He’s my best friend.’ Then he’s like, ‘Never heard of him.’ And Sarah Huckabee is at the finish line like: ‘That was totally normal driving. At no point did the president change his direction.’”

In a way, Noah actually admires Trump’s habitual and blatant lying.

“At this point, you just gotta love when Trump contradicts himself,” Noah said. “He’s like Newton’s third law: For every Trump, there is an equal and opposite Trump.”

Check out the video above to hear what Noah thinks about Trump skipping the Veterans Day ceremony in France.