Trevor Noah Spots 1 Big Error Informant Made Before 'Betraying Trump's Trust'

Trump is reportedly paranoid about a potential "rat" who may have tipped off the FBI to classified documents stored at his home.

Trevor Noah can’t believe someone in former President Donald Trump’s inner circle might’ve thrown him under the bus without first getting a book deal out of it.

The FBI searched Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home and resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday, as part of a reported investigation into classified documents that were improperly taken from the White House. According to The Wall Street Journal, an informant familiar with the stored documents tipped off the Justice Department to their whereabouts.

“If this is actually true, I am going to be shocked,” Noah said Thursday on “The Daily Show.” “I cannot believe someone would betray Trump’s trust like this ― without getting a book deal first. You’re leaving money on the table, people!”

“Also, by the way, before MAGA-world tears itself apart trying to figure out who’s the rat, I think you should all consider the fact that Trump could be the leak, okay? Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past seven years it’s that he’s the king of snitching on himself,” Noah added.

Watch below on “The Daily Show”:

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