Trevor Noah Breaks Down Why The Idea Of Trump Being A Russian Spy Is Preposterous

"Donald Trump would be the world's worst spy," the "Daily Show" host says.

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” came to President Donald Trump’s defense on Monday night over reports that the FBI had investigated whether he might be a Russian asset.

“The New York Times reported that the FBI investigated Donald Trump because they thought he might be a secret Russian spy, which, I’m sorry, is just crazy,” Noah said.

The comedian said that he believed the president might become a spy if Russia offered the opportunity. Then he added:

“Donald Trump would be the world’s worst spy. No one would hire him. Right? He can’t be a spy. He doesn’t even have an inside voice. He’d be out there like, “THANK YOU FOR MEETING ME UNDER THIS BRIDGE TO EXCHANGE THE TOP-SECRET DOCUMENTS!”

Trevor also noted that Trump lacks an essential spy skill. “Spies are known for blending in,” he said. “If there’s one thing Trump doesn’t do, it’s blend in. Red tie, orange skin, blond hair. The only place he’d blend in is in a jar of Starbursts.”

Check out the video below to hear what Noah says should be the “most insulting” question Trump has been asked.